How to Upcycle Bottle Caps

Are you a savvy crafter? Are you interested in crafting to keep the earth green and clean? Do you have bottle caps on your counter or in your craft stash? It’s time to craft with them and make something unique but useful!

While this project calls for glitter and glitter glue, sportstoto you could substitute photos, cut from scrapbook paper, or print out a picture from your home computer. Note that these substitutions can be made in steps 2-3. Also, Diamond Glaze works perfectly over photos, scrapbook paper, and printer paper of every kind.

First, you’ll need to gather your supplies: bottle tops (of course!), glue and paint brush (I used Modge Podge and a disposable paint brush), glitter (I love Martha Stewart glitter!), Diamond Glaze, glitter glue, permanent glue and small round magnets (optional).

Let’s get started! Follow the steps below and you’ll love the results!

1. Apply a generous coat of glue to the inside of the bottle cap.

2. Sprinkle a layer of your glitter into the top and shake off excess. tinitees

3. Use the glitter glue to draw a letter or shape (I used the first initial of my daughter’s name) on top of the glitter.

4. Allow ample drying time for the glitter and glitter glue layer to dry. If the glitter layer is still wet or tacky, once you add the Diamond glaze, the glitter will float up and cloud your image. If the glitter glue is not dry, the Diamond glaze can cause the glue to blend together. If you’ve opted to use a picture, scrapbook paper, or photo, you do not have to wait for drying time. You can proceed to step 5. zoldfulprogram

5. Add several drops of Diamond Glaze inside top until glitter glue layer is completely covered. Diamond Glaze comes out of the bottle cloudy but dries crystal clear!

6. Leave the tops on a level surface to dry completely. If you need a quicker drying time, you can use a blow dryer or heat gun dryer to speed up the process.

Once the Diamond Glaze has finished drying, you can apply a magnet backing to the top using E-1000 glue or any other permanent adhesive. I recommend not using hot glue for this as the magnet is likely to pop off if the magnet falls to floor. Another  useful place for your craft project is in a scrapbook or card. Some of the craft stores sell finished bottle caps, but they usually have a theme and are not personalized. This project allows you to create tops that fit your needs and helps keep the earth green. For more info please visit


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