10 Things All Men Should Know

Dressing up if you are plump, adriancochieci avoid wearing tight T-SHIRTS lest you end up looking like a stuffed pillow. Choose colors that suit you but remember, looking like a bird of paradise will invite zoo officials.

Cooking – Know your pots and pans. This skill will come in handy when you have had a late-night argument with your spouse and could end up going to bed hungry.

Learn to be a handyman – You are not a jobzipk man if you are not a handy around the house.

How to treat a lady – Your life will depend on it.

Learn to smile – You will attract a few people if you sport that perpetually grumpy look. Best way is to look in the mirror and practice. Look at yourself in the mirror and picture someone else.

Have a good sense of humor – If you don’t have it, thefantasytimes you must develop it. It’s a skill that elevates single men to eligible bachelors. A good sense of humor will solve problems, improve relationship and have positive outlook on all aspects of life.

Never flaunt a paunch – If you have started developing one, adriancochieci start remedial measures-begin exercising immediately.

Be ready to handle emergencies – There will come a time in your life houseofbling when you will have to save the day. Be prepared for it.

Jewelery is not for you. ameriagency Bling looks good only on some pop stars. And women.

What hairstyle to sport – If you are balding be bold enough accept it! Avoid a comb-over it only serves to draw attention to your scalp.

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